Dedication of a synagogue, or an item in a synagogue, is a wonderful way to celebrate a joyous occasion or memorialise a loved one. Doing so in a new, vibrant, community in Israel is an opportunity to ensure that name lives on for a long time to come. Currently, the following items are available to be dedicated.

Beit Knesset Name $250,000
Aron Ha’Kodesh $100,000
Beit Midrash Name $50,000
Bima $30,000
Entrance Lobby $15,000
Kitchen $12,000
Parochet $10,000
Ner Tamid $10,000
Chanukah Menorah $8,000
Mechitza $7,500
Kohen’s Washing Station $7,000
Elijah’s Chair (for Brit Milah) $6,000
Parochet – High Holy days $6,000
Yahrtzeit board $6,000
Simcha dedications Tree $6,000
Mizrach Wall $5,000
Bima Cover $4,500
Parsha board $2,500
Bima cover – High Holy days $2,500
Sefirat Ha’Omer board $2,500
Shul times board $2,000
Mezuzot – All $2,000
Bookcases – each $1,500
Leaf on Simcha Tree $1000
Plaque on Yahrtzeit Tablet $500

Please contact the fundraising committee for details and clarifications.