Key Principles

Services, particularly on Shabbat, should be enthusiastic and meaningful. The atmosphere in the synagogue should be respectful but most certainly enjoyable.

The synagogue should be welcoming and not exclusive, with sufficient space for members and guests as well as for residents of the neighborhood, whether religious or secular.

Women are an integral part of the community involved with all aspects of the community, including sitting on committees. The location and layout of the women’s section in synagogue should allow women to follow the service and hear the reading of the Torah.

The synagogue should not be just a house of prayer. Community activities for men, women and children should be frequent and regular. The synagogue should be a focal point for the community.

Space and activities for children should be provided so that they can enjoy the synagogue atmosphere.

The community has a responsibility to look after its members and others in the neighborhood, providing support for those who need it.