Modiin is a young fast-growing city in the center of Israel.  It has become a melting-pot of secular and religious-Zionist, both Olim and native Israelis.

Modiin has a desperate shortage of built synagogues meeting only about 50% of the demand!

Meir Modiin was formed by religious-Zionist families from two communities. One community began using a kindergarten for Shabbat services, later moving to a school. Another began in members’ apartments and later hired a cafe for its Shabbat services! These congregations found that they had a lot in common and together formed a strong vibrant community with its immediate aim to find land and build a synagogue. The community, numbering 70 families, currently holds Shabbat services in a school.

The Modiin municipality has allocated the community a site and building should begin in the next few months.